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Going for a world record generates a lot of excitement and can create a lasting legacy.

In 2015, to celebrate the Flag of Canada's 50th anniversary, we partnered with Canadian Heritage to produce the largest recording of O Canada in history.  (see below)

We brought the recording studio experience to every province and territory of Canada, recorded over 25,000 voices and a ton of press. 

Going for a world record provides world class business opportunities as well, such as:

 - Brand awareness, activations and launches

 - Consumer, community & staff engagement

 - Bringing awareness to causes

 - Fundraising for charity

 - Generating engaging social media content

 - Generating publicity

 - Connecting with, and giving back to the communities you serve

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Goal:  Provide an engaging national event for schools across Canada to celebrate and commemorate of the Flag of Canada’s 50th anniversary.

Hanson produced the largest recording of O Canada in history.  In addition to recording the students at each school, Hanson provided workshops on the history of the Flag of Canada and shot documentary footage.

The historic recording featured 28,725 students in 43 cities across Canada singing O Canada, all together. 

The program generated a ton of press including: CTV, CBC, Global, CITY TV, The Globe & Mail and feature articles in local newspapers across Canada.

Venues:  Schools in every province and territory of Canada.

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