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Radio Shows

Goal:  Provide a team building activity to break the ice, provide a shared experience and get the conversation started at ongoing mid management training sessions.

Held on a monthly basis, a new group of 15 to 20 managers from across Canada are brought together to meet each other, share common experiences and learn new content.

Presented as a fun after dinner activity on the first evening, Hanson worked with participants to write and record radio shows on: Celebrating Successes, Overcoming Shared Challenges and Onboarding New Ideas.

Venue/s:  Training centre meeting room in London Ontario and locations across Canada.


Holiday Song Party

Goal:  Deliver a festive team building party experience at the holiday season planning meeting for retail managers, also providing an opportunity for the managers to review and share strategies with their retail teams.

Working with Hanson, the participants rewrote the lyrics and recorded their new versions of classic holiday songs. 

Venue:  Meeting Room, Ottawa Ontario

Global Music Video Challenge


Goal:  As part of an organization wide challenge promoting corporate culture and team spirit, teams from around the world shot music videos for an opportunity to win a trip to Germany.

Teams could lip-sync or record their own voices and were provided numerous versions of the song in multiple languages.

In this example featuring the Canadian HR team, three members of the team recorded the vocals in the morning (with some pitch correction help).  In the afternoon the entire HR team was provided with shirts, props and materials to brainstorm and shoot a music video.

Venue:  Client’s office, Toronto Ontario


Original Theme Song

Goal:  Provide a break-out activity at a corporate planning session to re-energize, engage and celebrate corporate culture by writing and recording an original “Theme Song”.

Working with a long time member of the iconic rock band “The Guess Who” team members brainstormed and wrote an original song which was recorded and played back on site.  Team members also sang along on the choruses.

Venue:  Ballroom, London Ontario

Cross Canada Celebration


Goal:  Provide an engaging national event for schools across Canada to celebrate and commemorate of the Flag of Canada’s 50th anniversary.

Hanson produced the largest recording of O Canada in history.  In addition to recording the students at each school, Hanson provided workshops on the history of the Flag of Canada and shot documentary footage.

The historic recording featured 28,725 students in 43 cities across Canada singing O Canada, all together. 

The program generated a ton of press including: CTV, CBC, Global, CITY TV, The Globe & Mail and feature articles in local newspapers across Canada.

Venues:  Schools in every province and territory of Canada.

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