Bring the Wow... Bring the Fun... Send Home Your Message... With an Engaging & Immersive Experience

Celebrate your team, their ideas, their stories and their humour with our hands-on recording session and video shoot experiences.

From brainstorming - to script writing - to character development - to directing - to recording. 

We help your team, every step of the way as we create Radio Shows, Songs, Documentaries, and more together. 

Our Ready-To-Go activities make your event planning easy and have something for everyone at every comfort level.

From front-line workers to executives.  It's all about creating... together.

  • Ice-breakers

  • Training review & breakout sessions

  • Experiential learning opportunities

  • Meeting energizers

  • After dinner party activities

  • Team building experiences

Photo: Recording Radio Shows

Ready-To-Go Team Building Experiences

Strengthen your meeting & training content with “pizazz”

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Radio Shows

Blends team building with content.

For more than 10 years this has been our most popular team building workshop.  It's filled with break out activities that get everyone involved and sharing laughs.  Participants write and record news shows, phone in shows, talk shows and commercials on topics important to their success.

It’s a great way to celebrate your business, training and communication content while sharing your team’s unique sense of humour.

Perfect for 10 to 60 people
2.0 to 3.5 hours

Option:  Use as short break out activities throughout the day at training sessions to review, re-energize and keep participants engaged.

Song Writing

Experience the creativity of the recording studio. 

Create your own originals by rewriting the words to well-known songs with our pre-recorded music tracks.  You don’t need to know how to sing and the more “off-tune” the better. 

Great for office parties, ice-breakers and quick energizers. 

Perfect for 10 to 60 people
1.0 to 2.5 hours

Holiday Song Party

Experience the creativity of the recording studio with holiday flavour. 

Create your own originals by rewriting the words to popular holiday songs with our pre-recorded music tracks.  You don’t need to know how to sing and the more “off-tune” the better. 

Great for holiday season events, parties and planning sessions. 

Perfect for 10 to 60 people
1.0 to 2.5 hours

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Team Movies & Greetings

Bring your team together through the story telling experience.  Create social media greetings and content, short movies and comedy sketch montages. 

Team members work together brainstorming ideas, writing, acting and taking on technical roles such as camera work and sound.

Fully customizable, we work with you in advance as well as on location to create an experience that compliments your event’s objectives and goals.

Perfect for 10 to 30 people
3.0 to 4.0 hours

Blooper Reel - always a team favourite
Your News Team

This workshop provides hands-on activities for team members at all comfort levels, both on and off camera. Work together creating news vignettes such as the “On Location Interview”, “News Desk Announcements” and “In Depth Reports”.  SNL has nothing on us! 

It provides an engaging team experience and unique way to review business content

Perfect for 10 to 30 people
3.0 to 4.0 hours

Blooper Reel - always a team favourite
Thanks to today's hands-on technologies from smart phones... to social media... to web...

We can help you engage your employees, customers and communities ...around the globe.

We work with our clients to provide custom solutions that put the power and creativity of multi-media creation in your team's hands, no matter where they are around the world.

From organization-wide challenges using smart phones to providing on-site facilitated activities around the globe, we have solutions that extend and strengthen your engagement and team building reach.

We provide:

  • On-Site Facilitated Sound & Video Workshops - across the country and around the world

  • Self-guided challenges and activities for employees, customers and community around the globe

  • On-Line Resources such as secure viewing, submission, voting and commenting areas

  • Custom content creation such as original music and video content

  • And much more

Extending Your Team Building Reach

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Training Content Contest

Nothing reinforces training content more than helping others learn.  Challenge your team to create training videos that reinforce content and creativity while building a positive corporate culture. 

We provide facilitated workshops at your offices or online materials so teams can work together or independently.

Original Team Theme Song

Music has the power to bring people together.  Watch your team connect as they write and record their own theme song. 

We bring the recording studio to you with plenty of options.  Choose from a one-hour song writing energizer with a celebrity musician or a half-day team building experience or a fully interactive party with an all-star band.

Call us to discuss the possibilities.

Perfect for groups of any size
2.0 to 3.5 hours as a workshop
Half to full day as interactive party

Your Ideas

Please give us a call to discuss any ideas you have and let's put them in motion.

We provide facilitated workshops at your offices or provide online materials so teams can work together or independently.

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Music Video Challenge

Now your team can create and star in their own music video from a single office or around the world.  Use the final product for a major company announcement, a team activity to open your annual general meeting or for use on your intranet or internal portal. 

We provide your team with all the tools they need to create videos on their own or we can create team building music video workshops at your offices around the world.

Call us to discuss the possibilities.

Our Story - Documentary Vignettes

Tell your company story in a documentary vignette. 

Challenge your offices and teams across your organization to share their successes in a global documentary.  Then combine the message to build and celebrate your corporate culture.

Whether we provide a series of facilitated workshops on location at your offices, a roving reporter style interactive activities or provide the materials for teams to shoot their own content using their smartphones, we help your team members across the globe every step of the way. 

We provide secured viewing galleries, video submission sites, learning materials, translations, and more.

On completion we assemble the final footage into a series of short vignettes ready to play at your annual meeting and on social media.

Community and Customer Connections
Connect with your customers and community with activities that engage people on issues important to your organisation from the environment to the arts to financial management and much more.

We help you develop meaningful challenges, contests and activities that get people involved. 

We provide facilitated workshops, online materials to shoot content using their smartphones, secure/public viewing galleries, video submission site, learning materials, translations, etc.

We can also help foster connections between your message and relevant non-profits.

On completion we assemble the final footage into a series of short vignettes ready to play on social media.

Client Samples


Radio Shows

Goal:  Provide a team building activity to break the ice, provide a shared experience and get the conversation started at ongoing mid management training sessions.

Held on a monthly basis, a new group of 15 to 20 managers from across Canada are brought together to meet each other, share common experiences and learn new content.

Presented as a fun after dinner activity on the first evening, Hanson worked with participants to write and record radio shows on: Celebrating Successes, Overcoming Shared Challenges and Onboarding New Ideas.

Venue/s:  Training centre meeting room in London Ontario and locations across Canada.


Holiday Song Party

Goal:  Deliver a festive team building experience at the holiday season planning meeting for retail managers, also providing an opportunity for the managers to review and share strategies with their retail teams.

Working with Hanson, the participants rewrote the lyrics and recorded their new versions of classic holiday songs. 

Venue:  Meeting Room, Ottawa Ontario

Global Music Video Challenge


Goal:  As part of an organization wide challenge promoting corporate culture and team spirit, teams from around the world shot music videos for an opportunity to win a trip to Germany.

Teams could lip-sync or record their own voices and were provided numerous versions of the song in multiple languages.

In this example featuring the Canadian HR team, three members of the team recorded the vocals in the morning (with some pitch correction help).  In the afternoon the entire HR team was provided with shirts, props and materials to brainstorm and shoot a music video.

Venue:  Client’s office, Toronto Ontario


Original Theme Song

Goal:  Provide a break-out activity at a corporate planning session to re-energize, engage and celebrate corporate culture by writing and recording an original “Theme Song”.

Working with a long time member of the iconic rock band “The Guess Who” team members brainstormed and wrote an original song which was recorded and played back on site.  Team members also sang along on the choruses.

Venue:  Ballroom, London Ontario

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