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Since 2003 we’ve taken our recording studio and video production workshops on the road across Canada helping teams connect, laugh and learn.

Our team building experiences are designed by Rob Hanson, an award winning team building entrepreneur and recording engineer/producer.

Rob shares insights into “the creative process” learned first-hand in the studio from entertainment icons such as Jim Henson and Frank Oz of the Muppets.

Rob's workshops are expertly crafted to be fun, engaging, and to have something for everyone at all comfort levels.  From front line workers to executives.

The focus is on the creative process of brainstorming, scripting and producing; in a supportive environment that provides opportunities to explore leadership styles and strengthen effective team roles. 

Professional entertainers can be brought in to put the finishing touches on your productions or team members can step up to singing, voice over and character development challenges as well.

So… yes, we can definitely bring a valuable team building activity with that "wow factor" to your next meeting …prices start at only $35 per person. 
Recording a show on “What Makes a Team Successful"
Recording a show on  “What Makes a Team Successful
The Aha Moment

From "Radio Shows" ...to "Songs" ...to "Mockumentaries" ...to "Social Media Greetings";
every production we brainstorm, script and produce together ...needs a topic.

By adding your business content to the mix, our experiences provide benefits that go above and beyond traditional team building activities, such as:

  • delivering team building experiences that reinforce your meeting topics and company messaging

  • providing ready-to-go experiential learning scenarios with fantastic takeaways

  • reinforcing training content and providing engaging review workshops

  • heightening attention span and interest at meetings with topic-focused break-out activities

  • providing content rich team-created and team-owned takeaways they'll be thrilled to share

The most talked about benefit is the take-away  …your original recordings and productions featuring your team’s creativity and sense of humour.  They make great conversation rich content for future meetings, social media, websites, blogs, holiday greetings, etc.

Clients & Testimonials

A message from Rob:

We help our clients by providing engaging team building experiences in ways that are aligned with legitimate business purposes, providing value that can be sustained well beyond the conclusion of your team building activity.

  • We conduct pre-event research

  • We deliver customized "content based" team building experiences guided by pre-event findings

  • We provide post-event takeaways to help sustain and reinforce your meeting message

Let's connect today.  I'm always happy to discuss your goals and answer questions. 

Please call me at 416-410-8248 or request a consultation to get started.

Rob Hanson, Director & Owner
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